Magical Flames

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300g Mystical Fire Coloured Flame For Bonfire Campfire Party Outdoor Party Fireplace Powder Magic Tricks Pyrotechnics Toys


This product is a festive item that allows the color of the flame to be colored. It is suitable for adding a festive atmosphere to campfires and fireplaces during the festive season. Each time 1-3 bags of product are put into the fire, it can be seen that the flame becomes colored. It can be used to burn wood and other fuels inside and outside the room. According to the size of the flame, the duration is about ten to several minutes. Safety and environmental protection, Most children can play, but please don't bake food on colored flames.

How to Use:

Magical Flames are so easy to use. Simply toss an unopened packet or two into any wood burning fire. Within minutes, you'll be able to sit back and enjoy the new vibrant colors dancing in your flames. For brighter and longer-lasting results, you can throw a couple of extra packets in. **Please do NOT or open the packet before use. **Please do NOT cook over colored flames.

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