HMC253 DC-2.5 GHz RF single-pole eight-throw switch RF switch Antenna selection Channel selection

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The HMC253AQS24E is a low cost, non-reflective SP6T switch in a 24-pin QSOP package with a wide operating frequency range from DC to 2.5 GHz. This switch provides a single positive bias and true TTL/CMOS compatibility. The switch integrates a 3:6 decoder that requires only three control lines and one positive bias to select each path. The HMC253AQS24E SP8T replaces multiple configurations of SP4T and SPDT MMIC switches and logic drivers.
Second, the characteristics
1. Low insertion loss (2 GHz): 1.0 dB
2. Single positive power supply: VDD = +3V to +5V
3. Integrated 3:6 TTL decoder
Third, the application
1. Base station
3. MMDS and wireless LAN
4. Test equipment
Fourth, the circuit description
Supply voltage: 3V-5V
Frequency: DC-3GHZ

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